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Nail Trimming

Like humans, your pet’s nails continue to grow. And without regular nail trims, this can be painful and hazardous to their health. Overgrown nails can cause pain which can make it difficult to walk. If left untreated, this can lead to joint issues. Professionals at pet grooming Cooper City can safely trim the nails to the proper length to avoid injury.

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Ear Inspection and Cleaning

This is very important to have during dog grooming Cooper City appointments. It is necessary to prevent ear infections and maintain good ear hygiene. Both dogs and cats need this that is why pet groomers make it a point to add it to the services they offer. We gently clean the ears and remove dirt and debris build-up, and excess wax. This reduces the risk of infections and discomfort. Read more...

Paw Care

During a grooming session, our pet groomers work closely with the dog’s or cat’s paw and paw pads. They make sure they provide proper care to keep them healthy and free from common problems like dryness, cracking, or irritation. Pet groomers carefully trim the fur around the pads, moisturize, and inspect for any signs of injury. 

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